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Savour the taste of the finest steaks and ribs in the heart of Rotorua’s iconic Eat Streat. Join us for a family-friendly, flavour-filled experience this summer!

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fresh, fierce flavour

Colibries is your ultimate destination for incredible steak and ribs. Our menus will have you ready for more!

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Whether you're craving juicy steak, an unforgettable rack of ribs, or a flavourful dish with a kiwi twist, our menu will leave your tastebuds dancing.

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The perfect experience for any foodie looking for a thriving, colourful atmosphere and great food. Spoil your taste buds, book your table now.

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Savouring the best of steak and ribs in a thriving, lively atmosphere. Learn the story behind Rotorua’s hot new restaurant. 

our bustling, family-friendly atmosphere is the perfect place to enjoy a tasty meal and drink while catching up with loved ones. Book your table now.

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Prepare your tastebuds! Here’s a quick look at what awaits you at Colibries.